GitHub Action

CI/CD Support within GitHub Actions Pipelines.

Note: You can skip this section if running your managed cloud-concierge containers with Terraform v1.5.0 or greater

Set up our GitHub Action within the code repositories in which dragondrop will be opening Pull Requests. but at a high-level the CI/CD job performs the following operations:

  • Install your desired version of Terraform

  • If in plan mode, check to make sure that the only changes to Terraform in the current pull request are to import external resources into Terraform control, and that those imports are correctly specified.

  • If in apply mode, perform everything from the plan step and then run the import statements as code.

We recommend using plan mode during continuous integration, and after merge, use apply mode.

Given that some of the needed environment variables are a bit involved, we also offer support for auto-validation within the web application. This allows faster cycle time in making sure your environment variables are correctly formatted. All environment variables are evaluated client-side.

For further details on implementing the Action itself, the README associated with the Action is well documented.

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