dragondrop.cloud was a managed offering for the cloud-concierge OSS tool that enables its output to serve as an enterprise cloud management platform.

Why cloud-concierge?

Check out the cloud-concierge docs and repository here and here, respectively. TLDR:

cloud-concierge is an OSS container that allows you to layer functionality on top of an existing Terraform workflow. Namely:

  • Cloud Codification

  • Drift Detection

  • Flag the accounts making cloud changes outside of your Terraform workflow

  • Cloud-wide cost estimation, powered by infracost

  • Cloud-wide security scans, powered by tfsec

Why a managed offering?

cloud-concierge works well when running one instance at a time. As coverage across a cloud environment scales, however, updating and maintaining multiple environment variable files to configure cloud-concierge is not tractible or enjoyable. Furthermore, at any scale it can be difficult to manage scheduled executions for multiple configurations.

dragondrop.cloud makes managing multiple cloud-concierge instances and corresponding execution schedules possible through a user-interface, while still maintaining the self-hosted set up of cloud-concierge.

dragondrop.cloud also provides visual summaries of your cloud environment, stitched together across time and cloud-concierge execution so that your organization can get deeper visibility its cloud footprint across areas like costs, drift, codification, and security.

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