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Cloud Perch - Cloud Footprint Visualizations

Aggregate and compile results across Job executions to get an enterprise-style view of your entire cloud
Quickly visualize and hone-in on hot-spots in your cloud environment across multiple dimensions, including drift, ummanaged resources, cost, security, and more with Cloud Perch visualizations.
All tiers of dragondrop offer visualizations for a single managed cloud-concierge instance over time. For enterprise tiers, Cloud Perch covers all managed Jobs.

Terraform Drift and Unmanaged Resources

Track over time identified resources that have drifted or are not managed by Terraform.

Cloud Costs

Identify when costs managed and unmanaged by Terraform arise in your environment.

Cloud Security

Visually lock-in on potential security threats when they flare up, whether the resources are codified or not.

Terraform Footprint

Track Terraform, Terraform provider, and module versions across your cloud environment to ensure compliance with the latest versions.

Double-Click For Details Presented as a Pull Request

Once ready to rectify weaknesses identified within your cloud environment, simply click through to the latest cloud-concierge executions, and see the specific resources that have raised graphical concerns and how, along with Terraform codification and import statements when relevant.
An example Pull Request can be found here.