Updating HTTPS Job Endpoints

A rare, but easy, occurence
We anticipate needing to this very rarely, and have recently re-architected our product to ensure this is unlikely to occur for the forseable future. That being said, it is possible we will release changes to HTTPS endpoint code. These updates can be brought into your clud as follows:


1) Navigate to the dragondrop-created lambda trigger, and select "Upload from" --> "Amazon S# location"
2) Enter the following URL and hit "Save". Now the production code form that repository is within your lambda function. URL:


1) Within the Cloud Run Service hosting your dragondrop endpoint, click "Edit & Deploy New Revision":
2) Without making any changes, scroll to the bottom of the page and hit "Deploy". When using our Terraform module, the container for the cloud service is specified with the :latest tag, so this deployment will pull in the newest version of the repo's production container.