Pricing Philosophy

How pricing works and why

Why Bill by Job?

We believe that pricing by Job creates the most alignment of incentives between customers, dragondrop, and Terraform best practices, as well as being simple and transparent.

Alignment of Incentives

We believe that value delivered should align with pricing. In this case, the unit of value being delivered is the number of configured Jobs. At ever plan level, we offer unlimited seats within your organization, to make, configure, and trigger Jobs to monitor and codify as much of your cloud as possible.

Alignment with Terraform Best Practices

Each Job can scan across an unlimited number of Terraform backend workspaces and cloud provider account segments (AWS - accounts, Azure - resource groups, GCP - projects). This means there is complete alignment between keeping workspaces and cloud divisions lean and well segmented and our pricing.


Lastly, the number of Jobs you want to configure is easily visible within the web application. Unlike with billing-by-resource covered, there are no surprises as your cloud footprint grows, and you know exactly what your bill will look like each month.

Job Segmentation

Each Job can only open pull requests within a single code repository. So one way to segment Jobs is by the number of Terraform repositories maintained within your organization.
Otherwise, often times it makes sense to segment Jobs by logic division within your cloud. For some organizations, these means by AWS account, development environment (Dev, Prod, etc.) or even by application infrastructure.